Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm in Kindergarten Now!

Kai just started Kindergarten Pepp on Tuesday, August 19th. She LOVES it!!! Mr. Heaton is her teacher and Mrs. Stokes is his assistant. There are 7 girls and 13 boys in her class. She is so excited to learn how to read and make new friends! Kai is in ballet and soccer this season and can't wait to have lots of FUN!!! We love her so much! This school year will give her the opportunity to learn and grow . She is our Cutie!!!

Kai wanted to get her bangs cut for school and our friend, Brittany cut them! She looks adorable...all grown up!

Kai gave Mr. Heaton and Mrs. Stokes big, shiney, red apples!

Hailey is saying "Goodbye" to Kai...How cute!

This is a video clip of Kai coming out of school at the end of the day...


Alecia said...

The girls are sooo cute! And I love Kai's bangs!!!

Melanie said...

Yeah, her bangs definitely look adorable!!How fun! They are growing up!!