Sunday, July 5, 2009


Here she is, beautiful Kristin Rose...
Born March 10, 2009
6 lbs. 13 oz
1:04 pm

Daddy is taking a little peak at his baby girl!

Time for your hand and footprints little cutie pie!

She looks cute even when she cries!!!

We love you Kristy!


I can't believe it's almost over! I am so excited to finally meet our new baby!!!

She's almost here! The girls are so excited to meet their new baby sister!

Monday, March 9, 2009


I can't believe I am already 29 yrs old! Wow! Time goes by so fast! Jake and the girls took me out to eat, what fun! Then they took me home and we had ice cream and triple chocolate fudge cake. Yummy!!!(Jake and the girls made it!)

Trick candles...Good one Jake!


We had a wonderful Valentine's Day! We thought it would be fun to go to a place in Solana Beach called, "Cupcake Love." It was their Grand Opening and the Cupcake Princess was there to meet us!

We also went to Sammy's Woodfired Pizza and ate a delicious meal. Of course we couldn't leave without getting the best dessert on the menu...vanilla icecream smoothered with whipped cream, peanuts and chocolate syrup, and a cherry to top it off! What a treat!

Saturday, March 7, 2009


Kai had a wonderful Valentine's Party at her school. They decorated heart shaped cookies with sprinkles and frosting!

Her classmates exchanged valentine cards and goody bags with eachother!

The classroom was decorated in red, white and pretty!

Kai has so many friends in her class and loves them very much!

Kai gave Mr. Heaton and Mrs. Stokes chocolate covered apples with a green chewy worm in the cute!


After eating our spaghetti dinner on a monday night, Jake thought it would be fun to start a Spaghetti War! He told Hailey to turn around while she was sitting at the table and he threw a load of noodles towards her face!!! After that, you can only imagine what came next...

Bombs Away! We were laughing so hard while the noodles were flying everywhere! Scrappy really enjoyed his dinner for the night!

Hailey looks so cute with noodles everywhere!

Kai called herself the "Spaghetti Princess."

This could be another fun family tradition!


Hailey loves when Calista comes over for a play date! They always have so much fun!

Favorite treats to eat: Popcorn & My Little Pony chewies

Hailey always looks forward to playing with her best friend and cousin! These girls love eachother so much!

Girls just wanna have FUN!!!


Hanging out with our family is so much fun! We love spending time with one another!


Hailey has been practicing very hard to write all her ABC's the right way along with the right sound. All of her hard work paid off! Just like Kai, we told her when she learned how to do this she would be rewarded with earrings! The first week of February she finally did it! CONGRATS HAILEY!!!

I told the girls when I was younger and got my ears pierced I brought a teddy bear with me. Hailey wanted to bring her favorite stuffed horse to help her too!

Two ladies pierced Hailey's ears at the same time. She didn't know what was going on until afterwards...

Hailey was such a Big Girl! They gave her a lollipop for being so brave!

We are so proud of Hailey!

We told Hailey she could pick out a fun place to get a treat, (its tradition). Just like Kai she picked Jamba Juice!

Friday, March 6, 2009


The beginning of February was Teacher Appreciation Week. All the kids in Kai's class wore Mr. Heaton's favorite color, yellow and suprised him all week long with gifts!

He recieved puzzels, a potted plant with all their names on it, games for the classroom...etc.

Kai gave him a bag full of dog treats and toys (for his dog), an apple & chocolate treats! Yummy!

Mr. Heaton is an amazing teacher!


Kai wanted to make sure she wore her pajamas on "Pajama Day" at Monterey Ridge. She looked so cute and had lots of fun wearing them! We love you Kai!!!


Hailey enjoyed her first Sunday this year in Primary as a new Sunbeam! She did such a wonderful job and was very reverent! Hailey loves her new teachers and learns so much from them every Sunday. We are very proud of her!

Kai & Hailey after Primary is cute!


Merry Christmas! After we got back from our trip to Arizonia, we had our own Christmas since we didn't bring all the presents with us to AZ. It turned out great!

Santa brought a wallet to Kai...on her Christmas list she said this is what she wanted really bad!:)

Hailey loved the strawberry scented "My Little Pony" that Santa gave cute!

We had a great Christmas with our family this year and can't wait for next year!